Adding Shortcodes

Need to extend your MBMedia theme with your own shortcodes? MBMedia has created our very own language for doing so. The advantages are three fold:

  1. Since you can copy/paste these shortcodes into your Theme Settings page when you update files for a theme update it won’t overwrite any shortcodes you added to the theme the old fashioned way. (you can find the input box for custom shortcodes under the “Advanced” sections of your theme settings)
  2. It’s much simpler to understand and even people without any HTML programming knowledge (nevertheless PHP knowledge) can usually manage to utilize the language.
  3. The ease of creation and installation into your theme means that added shortcodes can be shared, making for the ability for infinite shortcodes available with MB themes.

We’ve fully documented this feature and as MBMedia themes grow so will the list of shortcodes created with this feature that you can add to your themes at any time!

Many themes have a good selection of shortcodes when you buy them. But few can say that they have an infinitely growing list that can be added by yourself whenever you need!