Klix has some advanced abilities when it comes to video. It can do youtube, vimeo, or self hosted video. As for images, use the “autosize” class to easily show images at the perfect sizes within the template with no extra effort. It’s smarter inside to be simpler for you.

Above is a vimeo video. Vimeo is service for video much like youtube. The main difference to you is that vimeo’s service has a much more minimalistic design to it’s video player, which means it fits into a website’s design much easier. Because of that it’s recommended to host videos on vimeo instead of youtube when you have a choice.

Of course every website needs to be able to embed youtube videos because it’s a mainstay of video makers for hosting their content. You can put videos into columns just like images or anything else!

Some people need to play their own videos off of their own servers. For this we’ve created our own video player just for Klix. It can play flv’s, f4v’s, as well as any H.264 encoded video content which is common for many other video formats like mov and mp4.