Jeff Finney, Head of Production/Producer/Casting Director

Jeff entered the wonderful world of advertising as an audio engineering assistant for an audio post production studio and has steadily advanced his career to include – Chief Audio Engineer/Sound Designer – Producer – Casting Director – VO Talent & VO Coach. Trained as a Musician (Classical Voice & Composition) he understands that all performance hinges on the same set of principles no matter what the medium.

Travis Dunsmuir, Chicago Recording Engineer/Mixer

Travis was educated in the art of Post Production Audio for Film/TV at Columbia College Chicago.  He loves long walks in the park but does it in 5/4 time (3+2 never 2+3). Travis is also well on his way of collecting every posible musical instrument ever created.  He’s currently on the hunt for his very own Stalacpipe Organ, once he finds it he’s planning on performing “Into My Arms” by Nick Cave.


Kate McClanaghan, Casting Director/Producer

Kate McClanaghan is a seasoned casting director and producer who founded BIG HOUSE CASTING & AUDIO to offer commercial and corporate audio production clients the highest possible expertise for the most reasonable rates. With more than 30 years of production experience and better than 15 years of casting both on- and off- camera projects, Kate offers a dedication to excellence that is unparalleled in this business.

Chin Su Yi, LA Recording Engineer/Mixer

Chin is a proud Korean American.  He graduated from the Audio Engineering & Post Production program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood in 2010.  He’s a remarkable vocalist and musician, who also works part-time at Music Friends Recording Studio in Eagle Rock, CA.


Cricket is the quintessential sound hound.  He offers moral support and dreams of someday becoming a “real boy.”  Without him, it’s just not cricket.